California Land Owned Manufactured Home Refinance Loans.

Conventional and government insurance mortgages for HUD Code manufactured homes on land. Get better rates and terms or take cash out. 

At MH Lender, manufactured home refinance loans are a core product for us; not just something else we do.

Our understanding of the requirements for this unique market allow us to custom fit loan options to our clients needs. Payoff debt or remodel with loan products designed to make your life better.

 Lower your manufactured home loan rate. Get rid of PMI land-owned-manufactured-home-refinance

Rate and Term Refinance

Thousands of California manufactured home owners still have interest rates that are too high. Others have reached an equity level where they can now refinance out of a loan requiring mortgage insurance. Not sure if a refinance makes sense, we can evaluate your loan and property value before your commit to the application process.

Cash Out Refinance

Conventional cash out to 65% LTV and FHA cash out to 85% LTV loan programs available to liquidate debt, tackle a project or use the cash to meet whatever special needs you have.

Remodel Loan

Our FHA 203K allows qualified manufactured home owners to refinance their existing first mortgage and complete a major remodel all in one loan. We work directly with your contractor to insure value and workmanship. For more information about this loan program, click here.