Manufactured Home Retailer and Realtor® Cooperation

Retailers and Realtors® working together is not something you hear much about in California. We're out to change that.

Thousands of In Park mobile homes across California need to be replaced. If you are an agent that works the manufactured home market, you will come across this home.  What do you do with it?

manufactured-home-salesWe hear it a lot.

"This old mobile home is too old to sell. I wish we could sell a new home in that space."

The first reaction for many agents when they come across this home  is "Some dealer will get this one."  You're 100% correct. Some dealer will ultimately replace the home and if they are like most, they won't cooperate with agents or will only offer a small referral fee, if any at all.  So you just walk away. 

We're out to change that. We had to prove it works first. There simply is not a better group of sales people anywhere than California Realtors®. We can safely say that because we are part of the group.  We're also licensed retailers. 

State of California law is clear. Only a licensed retailer can sell a home. So how do agents fit in?

Creating Workable Solutions for an aging California In Park Mobile Home Inventory

It's simple. You are the one in the market and are going to be the first to find and recognize replacement home prospects. 

Then you just contact us to get started. We'll do a quick evaluation and get back to you with questions,  ideas, options and price ranges; all with the goal of customer satisfaction. 

Announcing our newest strategic partnership with Wholesale Manufactured Homes, Southern California's fastest growing manufactured home retailer. 


Let us tell you how we are taking factory built sales and finance to the next level.